Why Is Trust Important? A Splendid Question…

Do you trust yourself?

Are you confident that this crazy old existence experiment is going well?

If not, it may be a bumpy ride amigo.

I mean, trust is easy when life’s all ice cream and kittens.

But what about when we’re floundering around like a drunkard in the dark, unsure which direction to take?

Often trusting ourselves to deal with unpleasant situations, make the “correct” decisions or accept our current reality is akin to falling backwards without knowing there’s someone to catch you.

Or perhaps you don’t trust in anything much at all…

Maybe you feel that your past didn’t serve you well, that you’re hindered by your present our that your future’s in jeopardy.

But what cost do you pay for such scepticism?

The truth is, without trust, we become defensive and reactive, entering a state of fight or flight, ready to take evasive action.

Maybe you’re unable to move on because of past trauma, are crippled with present-moment indecision or fearful of your ability to deal with the future.

In this way, your trust issues manifest in paralysis and anxiety.

That’s not to say developing a trusting mindset is easy…

Like a devilish magic dragon, life invariably conjures challenges and obstacles, but these are the very times that a trusting intuition is vital.

So that even when you’re unsure of your next move, you trust yourself to act with good intention and manage any outcome.

After all, even the worst events, however subjectively bad, are growth opportunities.

So there’s no reason not to trust the hand that life deals. You either enjoy the spoils or extract value from the experience.

You either win or you grow, shifting from a hostile, defensive mindset to a more playful acceptance.

There can never be a bad decision or terrible outcome, so have faith in the hidden opportunities within every interaction…

And trust yourself to squeeze every last drop out of this juicy little experience called life.