How to Get Back Into Reading

man sitting on chair with book wondering how to get back into reading

Love books but wondering how to get back into reading if you’ve let the habit slip?

You’re in the right place amigo.

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February 2021 Review

blue and yellow graph on stock market monitor

Another month down, another review.

They’re coming thick and fast.

Unfortunately, due to lockdown, the separation between months seems non-existent…

Preparing for Tomorrow

person holding white stylus preparing for tomorrow

I wake up without an alarm. Feel lethargic and tired.

Pick up my phone, open Twitter.

Doom-scroll through image-crafting snippets of life advice, benign wisdom and appeals to buy 20 dollar eBooks.

Looking Forward to the Future

person wearing vr goggles looking forward to the future

I was sitting at work, bored.

My patient had missed their physiotherapy session, giving me a free 30 minutes before my next appointment.

I thoroughly disliked the job, so it was a welcome break.

I’d already handed in my resignation and was enduring my notice period with stoic resolve…