Life Purpose: Catching the Slippery Beast

life purpose mountain

Life’s a funny little business.

Here we are, unchoosing in our existence and expected to simply figure it out as we go.

But many of us year for more meaning.

So, let’s try life purpose on for size.

Remote Working

remote working

Interested in remote working?

Perhaps you’re an employee seeking greater freedom or a startup CEO hoping to incentivise employees.

Well is working remotely all it’s cracked up to be, and if so, what are the caveats?

Let’s take a look.

Power of Thought: The Science of Mastering Your Mind

power of thought

Thinking about the power of thought?

There’s a mental conundrum if ever there was one.

I often find myself contemplating my ability to bend spoons and assorted objects.

Aside from becoming a psychic strongman, to a large extent, we are what we think, our mental gymnastics contributing significantly to our quality of life and wellbeing.

Creating Your Life Plan: A Simple Framework

life plan tree graphic

We all want a solid life plan.

One that delivers an orgasmic existence.

So we can look back on our little stint and think, yarp, t’was worth it.

Whereas many suggestions out there are pretty vague and don’t translate to real-world results, this is my self-administered attempt at getting analytical.

Taking responsibility

taking responsibility

Taking responsibility for your existence is tough.

“Oh no, I can’t do that because…”

Finish that sentence with any number of excuses that we hear from others and tell ourselves every day.

Daily practice: Sharpening the sword

daily practice samurai

Do you do hard things even when you don’t want to?

Or do you give in to feelings, flights of fancy and momentary urges?

Even when we have a life plan in place for achieving our goals, on any given day, the struggle is real.

What’s the point?

what's the point?

Do you sometimes wake up, look at your schedule and wonder, what’s the point?

During demanding or unpleasant tasks, do the mental monsters creep from the shadows?

If so, you’re not alone…

The crows


Soldier crows fall from the line

Float down to their furrows

Earth dark brown by passing time

While the cold wind bellows

BRAVING: Brené Brown’s acronym for building trust

braving brene brown

Do you have problems with trust?

Perhaps you suspect your besties might spill your deepest darkest secrets all over the tinter webs…

Or maybe you don’t trust yourself enough not to divulge some hilarious gossip.

Brené Brown addresses these issues in her popular talk on the anatomy of trust, in which she shares the acronym, ‘BRAVE’.

Click here to learn more.