Having a Plan in Life

having a plan in life with a to do list

I touched down in Rio De Janeiro.

It was hot and humid and I was a sweaty mess.

Lugging my massive backpack I found a taxi which careened dangerously through city traffic to a hostel I’d booked for two nights.

My vague intention was to travel through South America, seeing how far I could get…

6 Autotelic Personality Traits for Effortless Performance

woman studying autotelic personality traits

I forgot to eat, but it wasn’t a concern.

Going to go the toilet was a last-minute, rush job. I just couldn’t spare the time.

My mission needed completing and simply wouldn’t wait.

The game was Command and Conquer and it demanded my full, unremitting attention…

The Mindset of a CEO

The Mindset of a CEO

Want to develop the mindset of a CEO for professional gain or personal development?

Harnessing the correct psychological tools will help.

Let’s dive in.

Growth Mindset Behaviours

growth mindset behaviours such as completing a rubik's cube

Want to improve your life in some way?

Perhaps you desire a tolerable (or even enjoyable!) job, more money to spend on leather-bound books, a sexy beach body‚Ķluckily, it’s all within reach.

If you adopt the correct growth mindset behaviours, any seemingly fantastical goals can become reality.

The 3 Best Habits to Adopt for Health, Wealth and Happiness

best habits to adopt including person cycling on bike

What are the best habits to adopt for health, wealth and/or happiness?

If you’re seeking change but are unsure where to start, this article will probably seem like a rant, because deep down, you already know what to do.

Let’s take a look.

Say No to Procrastination!

a frustrated man who knows he must say no to procrastination

Say no to procrastination!

I hereby issue a call to arms…

To defeat this silent but deadly dream killer.

We know well what it is, but many of us seem completely powerless to prevent it.

Why is that?

My Octopus Teacher

my octopus teacher

A documentary about a man and an awesome octopus, highlighting the healing properties of nature.

Highly recommended.

The Importance of Morning Rituals

The Importance of Morning Rituals

One of my most striking revelations in recent years has been the importance of morning rituals.

If you’re tired of chaotic days and abandoned goals, this is how to regain control.

Let’s dive in.