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Free Existence
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Like recipes, not all people are created equal. To make a hearty broth that tickles your individual tastebuds, bloomsoup handpicks the best ingredients to help humans (and our future robot overlords) thrive.

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How to Be a Life Coach (in 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps)
So you want to quit the corporate rat race to dispense life advice? You've desperately clawed your way up Maslow's hierarchy, ready for some first world transcendence into altruism and true actualisation. To help and serve, empowering individuals to follow their bliss. Well here's your guide brave spiritual warrior.
Focused Attention: The Secret to Success
Focused attention is perhaps our most valuable resource. Let's face it, when we’re just one distraction away from losing our train of thought, it’s easy to become derailed. When our phones offer the quick dopamine hit of diverting our efforts, it’s unsurprising that many projects never begin, tasks remain uncompleted and startups go unstarted.
How to Make the Right Decision (Like a Boss)
Decisions. Like Marmite, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. After all, they can be quite the conundrum, the slippery old eels. The fact is, decisions constitute a huge part of our lives, so learning some of their dark secrets makes sense. Let’s dive in.

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