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Free Existence
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Like recipes, not all people are created equal. To make a hearty broth that tickles your individual tastebuds, bloomsoup handpicks the best ingredients to help humans (and our future robot overlords) thrive.

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Understanding Fear
We're fear machines, designed to perceive the world in our mind's eye just as much as the hard lines of reality. On an evolutionary level, this made perfect sense. Predicting an attack from claw, fang and club was high on the decision making agenda and cultivated a fine-tuned cognitive ability to expect the unexpected. But to what extent have we outgrown our abilities?
10 Persuasive Speech Techniques to Improve Your Public Speaking
Do you get clammy palm syndrome every time you speak in public? From strange hand gestures to unnatural voices, it's difficult to know why we can't just be cool cucumbers. So here are 10 persuasive speech techniques to mould your audience like putty.
30-Day Challenges: The Ultimate Guide (Plus 27 Bonus Ideas)
Are you taking the easy path in life, relaxing in your comfort zone? Or are you living a life of experiment and excitement? Perhaps you have certain goals that are never accomplished... You know that you need to take action but get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and are unsure where to start... Well, say hello to 30-day challenges.

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