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Free Existence
Rides Here.

Like recipes, not all people are created equal. To make a hearty broth that tickles your individual tastebuds, bloomsoup handpicks the best ingredients to help humans (and our future robot overlords) thrive.

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Living and Working Abroad Like a Boss
So, you're thinking of ditching your sweaty little office job for a sweatier office job in warmer climes... Or maybe you want to ditch the suit and tie altogether and work on the beach in your sexy Speedos? The fact is, working abroad can be an enticing option, especially when laptop monkeys can theoretically work anywhere with electricity and Interwebs. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Well, let’s find out.
35 Years and Counting
Well, it’s official. I’m 35 years old as of today.  And in truth, it feels like somewhat of a milestone. A time to lift my eyes from the asphalt and see where the hell I am.  As my brother wrote in his birthday message, "I hope you’re growing your beard to new and distinguished lengths, along with your age." 
How Does Culture Influence Behaviour?
Big, scary, existential question time... What shapes you as a human? And how much control do you have over your ideology, beliefs and behaviour? For example, if you think that olives are the devil's eggs and should be terminated, then... a) You are correct b) Why?

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