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Free Existence
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Like recipes, not all people are created equal. To make a hearty broth that tickles your individual tastebuds, bloomsoup handpicks the best ingredients to help humans (and our future robot overlords) thrive.

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25 Causes Of Procrastination (And How To Overcome It)
Do you put things off until the last possible moment? Rather than studying for your next exam, do you jump down the Wikipedia rabbit hole... To learn about goats or the French Revolution?
8 Powerful Goal Setting Worksheets to Help You Conquer Life
So, you have some audacious dreams and you think a goal setting worksheet may help… Perhaps you’ve played around with the idea of setting objectives before but have always written it off as too much work. Instead, you float, pushed and pulled by circumstance, adrift in the sea. Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes we should go with the flow and see where life takes us. There's a time for spontaneity and surrender. But eventually, there comes a time when structured goal setting can really help.
The Pitfalls of Perfectionism
Perfectionism, the nemesis of progress. It stops you in your tracks. Why even bother starting, if your reality won't live up to an idealised, albeit fictional, version? Let's face it... All too often your best-laid plans are left to rust, a graveyard of good ideas and lofty ideals.

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