Morning Meditation and Positivity

man being mindful with morning meditation and positivity

I wake up feeling underprepared and overwhelmed.

It’s a busy day ahead and the psychological cogs are already in cranking away.

For many, this is a regular and debilitating event…

January 2021 Review

black laptop computer turned on showing computer codes

After an indulgent Christmas, I thought I’d get straight back into my habits.

Like many people, I tried to throw myself into a productive new year.

Tldr – I did ok, not great.

What to Think About When Meditating

man with eyes closed wondering what to think about when meditating

Sitting in a room with just your own thoughts for company is an activity seldom performed in our hyperconnected reality.

However, the benefits of simply downing our mental tools and disconnecting daily can’t be underestimated.

Let’s investigate what you can expect when you begin this practice.

December 2020 Review

time lapse photo of stars on night

Here’s a quick update on December, because I’m behind on my monthly reviews and writing this retrospectively.

Obviously, Christmas consumed much mental energy and disrupted regular routines.

The Best Meditation Positions for Bad Knees

woman sitting in a lotus posture, which isn't one of the best meditation positions for bad knees

When I worked as a physiotherapist I treated many patients with chronic pain.

Bad backs and knees were particularly common complaints, often limiting certain movements and positions.

This article investigates how meditation is affected.

November 2020 Review

abstract art blur bright

November was my birthday month and perhaps that disrupted my well-worn routines.

Not a terrible month, but not a great one either.

DWYSYWD: Do What You Say You Will Do

thumbs up illustrating to DWYSYWD

I’ve just said I’d do something with a friend and quickly realise I can’t.

I feel like a yes man, enthusiastically agreeing to an engagement I can’t attend.

DWYSYWD or ‘do what you say you will do’ might not seem important on the surface, but in reality, it has an outsized impact on your life.

What Is Your Personal Mantra?

man looking in fragment of mirror asking, 'what is your personal mantra?'

“I’m the hardest human being that God ever made.”

“I don’t care if it’s true or not; it’s the most important conversation to me. It’s the thing that drives me every day.”

For anyone else, this could easily be considered hyperbolic.

But when it’s a veteran Navy Seal, previous pull-up world record holder and ultra-endurance phenom, you suspect there might be something going for repetitive self-talk.

Feeling Energy During Meditation

woman sitting on a mat feeling energy during meditation

It’s a hectic morning.

Client work multiplies exponentially as I rush to complete daily tasks and hit deadlines.

By mid-afternoon, stressed and overwhelmed, I retreat to a dark room to in search of mindful respite…