Goals: Setting Yourself up for Success


Do you have a grand life plan or an as yet unfulfilled goal?

Do you roll around in your pants on the sofa imagining how great life could be, but doing nothing about it?

If you’re not where you want to be in life, put the nacho down amigo, as this article’s for you.

OMAD: My Experience Eating One Meal a Day

omad banana

Considering changing your diet and trying the One Meal a Day (OMAD) fast?

Well, so did I.

This article documents my experience with the approach in one of my 30-day challenges (spoiler: experiment failed – read on to discover why), accompanied by a daily diary of insights.

Some Thoughts on Suffering

suffering woman

“Life is suffering”, as the Buddha said.

Waking up on a cold, dark winter morning and slogging your way to work, you might sympathise.

So, why persevere in the face of such hardship? Even when it can all seem a bit well…pointless…

Good question.

Leadership: A Guide to Gaining Influence

leadership origami display

Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

To influence and persuade your peer group?

Perhaps you want to claw your way up the oily professional totem pole of career or simply become a slick social operator.

If so, becoming an effective leader is imperative.

But how do you master this dark art?

The Familiarity Heuristic: Worthwhile Principle or Unhelpful Bias?

familiarity with childhood teddy bear

Have you ever persisted with something that wasn’t in your best interests?

Either a job you disliked, a destructive habit or unfulfilling relationship?

It’s not that we don’t know what to do, rather we just can’t bring ourselves to do it.

Why is that? I mean, if we can diagnose the problem, it should be an easy fix.

Seeking Comfort

seeking comfort on the sofa

Do you observe your fellow commuters with morbid curiosity…

As you look around the train, do you see human cadavers swaying back and forth, illuminated by their blue, backlit screens?

If so, you too have witnessed the subtle shift in societal behaviour; one that’s revolutionising the way we live.

Simple Living

simple living walk

I start this article embracing the simple living philosophy – lying in a warm bed on a Saturday morning, a cup of hot tea by my side.

The day is dawning and I’ll soon rise, meditate and perhaps run outside in the sun. I know I’ll feel good afterwards.

The schedule looks uncluttered, life admin turned down as near to zero as it goes.

Life Purpose: Catching the Slippery Beast

life purpose mountain

Life’s a funny little business.

Here we are, unchoosing in our existence and expected to simply figure it out as we go.

But many of us year for more meaning.

So, let’s try life purpose on for size.

Remote Working

remote working

Interested in remote working?

Perhaps you’re an employee seeking greater freedom or a startup CEO hoping to incentivise employees.

Well is working remotely all it’s cracked up to be, and if so, what are the caveats?

Let’s take a look.

Power of Thought: The Science of Mastering Your Mind

power of thought

Thinking about the power of thought?

There’s a mental conundrum if ever there was one.

I often find myself contemplating my ability to bend spoons and assorted objects.

Aside from becoming a psychic strongman, to a large extent, we are what we think, our mental gymnastics contributing significantly to our quality of life and wellbeing.