November 2020 Review

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November was my birthday month and perhaps that disrupted my well-worn routines.

Not a terrible month, but not a great one either.

DWYSYWD: Do What You Say You Will Do

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I’ve just said I’d do something with a friend and quickly realise I can’t.

I feel like a yes man, enthusiastically agreeing to an engagement I can’t attend.

DWYSYWD or ‘do what you say you will do’ might not seem important on the surface, but in reality, it has an outsized impact on your life.

What Is Your Personal Mantra?

man looking in fragment of mirror asking, 'what is your personal mantra?'

“I’m the hardest human being that God ever made.”

“I don’t care if it’s true or not; it’s the most important conversation to me. It’s the thing that drives me every day.”

For anyone else, this could easily be considered hyperbolic.

But when it’s a veteran Navy Seal, previous pull-up world record holder and ultra-endurance phenom, you suspect there might be something going for repetitive self-talk.

Feeling Energy During Meditation

woman sitting on a mat feeling energy during meditation

It’s a hectic morning.

Client work multiplies exponentially as I rush to complete daily tasks and hit deadlines.

By mid-afternoon, stressed and overwhelmed, I retreat to a dark room to in search of mindful respite…

3 Science-Based Persuasion Steps to Exert Influence

man yelling at camera instead of using persuasion steps

There are two ways to exert influence; through force or persuasion.

Nobody enjoys commands, so even if they comply, the result will be inferior.

Therefore, getting someone to want what you want is not only more preferable, but also pleasant.

How to Create Lasting Habits

woman holding exercise ropes showing how to create lasting habits

I look at the video folder on my computer and see one lonely recording.

Despite promising myself that I’d start making videos to accompany my articles, there’s only a single rough edit to show for my underwhelming effort.

Starting a YouTube channel is just one of many projects I’ve planned and then abandoned over the years.

The Best Meditation for Stress (in My Experience)

man walking in nature which is the best meditation for stress

“Give me your passport,” demanded the leader of the rabble.

I glanced warily at the group of Bolivian Campesinos holding cheap rifles, blocking our path.

Then I looked at my recent Bolivian acquaintance, who nodded imperceptibly.

How to Express Empathy

man sitting in therapy with a woman and learning how to express empathy

“I’m in pain,” she cried.

“No one’s helping, or even listening to me!”

I was assessing a patient with chronic pain, severely debilitated by her condition and struggling to even move…

Being Less Emotional

man has a happy and then sad face in an article about being less emotional

Emotions surge like waves.

One minute you’re riding high, cresting euphoric stomach-lifting happiness, while the next moment you’re down in the depths, surrounded by claustrophobic walls of depression and unable to escape.

Such sensations are merely two sides of the same coin and universally interdependent, a yin and yang of necessity…