Optimal Self-Confidence: Building Belief

man taking the plunge in water signifying optimal self-confidence

We all want optimal self-confidence.

Too high and it becomes arrogance. Too low and it becomes a neurosis.

But it’s a fine balancing act; one that determines the quality of our personal and professional relationships.

Where to Focus While Meditating

where to focus while meditating sunset picture

You might wonder, as I did when starting, where to focus while meditating.

Most of the initial guidance I read didn’t appear clear in its instruction.

After all, it’s an esoteric practice.

Often I felt I was simply sitting for 30 minutes doing nothing, with no clue if I was doing it right…

Process Over Outcome: Optimising for Effortless Results

image to depict process over outcome goals using crayons

“What’s your running pace per mile?”, asked my friend. I looked blank.

“How far do you normally run?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Are you even training for anything?!”

I’d recently started exercising again and my mate wanted to know about specific running results.

Much to his chagrin, I didn’t have any to show…

October 2020 Review

black and white typewriter on table saying review on the page

Here’s the October analysis.

I’m definitely finding these mini-reviews helpful to objectively assess my behaviours over the previous month.

When you write honestly about your actions, there’s no hiding…

Breath and Mind Connection

person on a bridge near a lake focusing on breath and mind connection

Thoughts crowded into my head, demanding attention.

I was living in Berlin; anxious, jobless and unsure what to do next.

I wanted to change career, but didn’t know how to do it.

On one hand, the future seemed full of potential and possibility, while on the other, it appeared a scary, hostile place.

Fortunately, in that time of transition, I had one thing I could rely on…

How to Improve Decision-Making in Life

man pondering how to improve decision making in life

“Not deciding is a decision itself”, my friend said.

He was right.

I just didn’t know which option to choose, consumed by paralysis analysis and unwilling to commit either way.

If we’re the sum of our choices in life, at that moment I didn’t add up to much.

What Discipline Means to Me

hard work is what discipline means to me

“You won, said my boss. Well done!”

He handed me a certificate for a countrywide physiotherapy examination in which I’d achieved the best mark, along with a prize.

I was overjoyed and not a little surprised.

You see, it was only a few years before that I’d almost flunked my course…

5 Minimalist Productivity Tips

minimalist productivity through technology with a laptop, tablet and phone

Tasks piled up around me like dirty dishes.

Unsure what to tackle next, I let them accumulate, procrastinating on important projects.

I was undermotivated and overwhelmed.

Sound familiar?

Having a Plan in Life

having a plan in life with a to do list

I touched down in Rio De Janeiro.

It was hot and humid and I was a sweaty mess.

Lugging my massive backpack I found a taxi which careened dangerously through city traffic to a hostel I’d booked for two nights.

My vague intention was to travel through South America, seeing how far I could get…

6 Autotelic Personality Traits for Effortless Performance

woman studying autotelic personality traits

I forgot to eat, but it wasn’t a concern.

Going to go the toilet was a last-minute, rush job. I just couldn’t spare the time.

My mission needed completing and simply wouldn’t wait.

The game was Command and Conquer and it demanded my full, unremitting attention…