shy man hiding face learning how to stop being an introvert

How to Stop Being an Introvert

Want to be the life and soul of the party but afraid you don’t have the personality for it?

Learn how to stop being an introvert right here.

person holding white stylus preparing for tomorrow

Preparing for Tomorrow

I wake up without an alarm. Feel lethargic and tired.

Pick up my phone, open Twitter.

Doom-scroll through image-crafting snippets of life advice, benign wisdom and appeals to buy 20 dollar eBooks.

person wearing vr goggles looking forward to the future

Looking Forward to the Future

I was sitting at work, bored.

My patient had missed their physiotherapy session, giving me a free 30 minutes before my next appointment.

I thoroughly disliked the job, so it was a welcome break.

I’d already handed in my resignation and was enduring my notice period with stoic resolve…

two different sizes of pineapple, signifying comparison


It’s said that comparison is the thief of joy.

We compare ourselves not only to others but also to fictionalised past and possible future versions of ourselves.

If the current self doesn’t measure up, we become despondent.

person showing that they're ok, with a hand gesture, signifying self-acceptance


Self-acceptance is vital for a happy, peaceful, prosperous existence.

But it’s a process which requires practice.

Click here to learn more.

thumbs up illustrating to DWYSYWD

DWYSYWD: Do What You Say You Will Do

I’ve just said I’d do something with a friend and quickly realise I can’t.

I feel like a yes man, enthusiastically agreeing to an engagement I can’t attend.

DWYSYWD or ‘do what you say you will do’ might not seem important on the surface, but in reality, it has an outsized impact on your life.

man looking in fragment of mirror asking, 'what is your personal mantra?'

What Is Your Personal Mantra?

“I’m the hardest human being that God ever made.”

“I don’t care if it’s true or not; it’s the most important conversation to me. It’s the thing that drives me every day.”

For anyone else, this could easily be considered hyperbolic.

But when it’s a veteran Navy Seal, previous pull-up world record holder and ultra-endurance phenom, you suspect there might be something going for repetitive self-talk.