The Broth

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February 2021 Review

Another month down, another review.

They’re coming thick and fast.

Unfortunately, due to lockdown, the separation between months seems non-existent…

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January 2021 Review

After an indulgent Christmas, I thought I’d get straight back into my habits.

Like many people, I tried to throw myself into a productive new year.

Tldr – I did ok, not great.

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December 2020 Review

Here’s a quick update on December, because I’m behind on my monthly reviews and writing this retrospectively.

Obviously, Christmas consumed much mental energy and disrupted regular routines.

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November 2020 Review

November was my birthday month and perhaps that disrupted my well-worn routines.

Not a terrible month, but not a great one either.

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October 2020 Review

Here’s the October analysis.

I’m definitely finding these mini-reviews helpful to objectively assess my behaviours over the previous month.

When you write honestly about your actions, there’s no hiding…

my octopus teacher

My Octopus Teacher

A documentary about a man and an awesome octopus, highlighting the healing properties of nature.

Highly recommended.

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September 2020 Review

Last month was mixed.

As usual, I was pleased with aspects of my habits and performance but slipped in certain areas.

Let’s take a look.

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Blog update

A quick announcement – You might start seeing some shorter, journal-style articles on the blog.

When I performed my monthly reflection at the end of August, I was disappointed to see that I hadn’t published as much as I would have hoped.

The reasons, along with prior months, are threefold.