My Octopus Teacher

my octopus teacher

A documentary about a man and an awesome octopus, highlighting the healing properties of nature.

Highly recommended.

September 2020 Review

person writing on white paper

Last month was mixed.

As usual, I was pleased with aspects of my habits and performance but slipped in certain areas.

Let’s take a look.

Blog update

computer keyboard

A quick announcement – You might start seeing some shorter, journal-style articles on the blog.

When I performed my monthly reflection at the end of August, I was disappointed to see that I hadn’t published as much as I would have hoped.

The reasons, along with prior months, are threefold.

August 2020 Review

five bulb lights

In this personal August 2020 review, I parse patterns and reflect on results, so as to inform, and hopefully improve, my future behaviour.

What If We Were All as Positive as Eddie the Eagle?


Considering we’re now officially on lockdown, much more online media is presumably being consumed…

At least by me.

So I thought I’d share what I’ve been watching in the wonderful world of remote cinema.

[Warning: Potential spoilers]

Coronavirus and Remote Working

remote working setup

As much of the world faces physical and emotional lockdown in response to the virus, companies big and small are temporarily boarding up their offices and implementing remote working policies.

The crows


Soldier crows fall from the line

Float down to their furrows

Earth dark brown by passing time

While the cold wind bellows


Howling around razor edges

Timber creaks and stirs

Whipping off foamy rollers

Whispers that never were

Turning 36


Last week I turned 36 and as I wrote a birthday post last year, here’s another collection of annual ponderings.