A New Age of Information Retrieval

ChatGPT is terrifyingly good and will transform society as we know it.

In addition to the countless jobs that balance on the precipice of AI automation, there’s a huge opportunity for Internet users to interact with information in a whole new way.

As an example, I was just talking to ChatGPT about a fairly long, complex article I want to write, asking it to elucidate the subject.

While previously, this would have entailed endless scrolling through irrelevant, SEO-optimised Google listings, ChatGPT provided perfect, thought-provoking explanations that I could investigate even further with detailed follow-up questions.

The result?

An instant clarification of my thoughts and a broad understanding of the topic.

Like water, humans are inevitably drawn down the path of least resistance, which invariably means seeking convenience.

When our every obscure and esoteric question can be answered with incredible precision and clarity, why would we revert to a clunky, outdated method of search?