The Broth #2

montenegro one

Over here at bloomsoup hq (for some unknown reason) I spend a lot of time reflecting on the power of belief, not only in shaping our worldview, but also directing our actions on this tiny little globule of a planet.

So check out this instalment of The Broth for more…

The Broth #1


This is the bloomsoup broth, a melting pot of weekend wisdom from around the tinterwebs and beyond.

It’s also the first, in what I hope will be a series of weekly posts. Let me know what you think.

Delivering Digital Value

delivering digital value

As I analyse what types of blogs/content I enjoy reading (and publishing), it’s made me think more about the current media landscape.

As creators, we obviously want to attract our few eyeballs to our articles, and perhaps evens create some raving, foaming at the mouth fans who love our work.

To do this, we website owners must seek to deliver value.

So, what exactly is the juice that most website visitors are extracting?

35 Years and Counting


Well, it’s official. I’m 35 years old as of today. 

And in truth, it feels like somewhat of a milestone. A time to lift my eyes from the asphalt and see where the hell I am. 

As my brother wrote in his birthday message, “I hope you’re growing your beard to new and distinguished lengths, along with your age.” 

The Story of Things

the story of things

At first, there weren’t many things.

Because not many things were important.

If you only had a few things you were ok.

The World Requires No Audience

paddling in a river

Nature, the great equaliser. In its presence, we’re reminded of our ultimate insignificance.

Our minor affairs within imagined realities are exposed next to flowing rivers, looming trees and driving rain.