Using Time Wisely

It’s the moments between moments that count. The small spaces.

Using these slices wisely separates the producer from the procrastinator.

With time, our most ephemeral of resources, many of us prefer to think in big blocks and significant chunks.

But this adds undue pressure.

Have you ever cleared an afternoon for an undesirable task just to find an overwhelming resistance to starting?

In contrast, it’s often the quick bursts and short sprints that yield the greatest results.

Parkinson’s law states that an activity expands into the time allowed for its completion.

So rather than budgeting a block of time, take a mini step and set yourself the goal of putting the next spare two minutes to good use.

It’s paradoxical. By reducing the expectation on yourself to get a lot done, you get more done.

It just requires switching off the thinking mind and engaging in conscious action.

So the next time you’re waiting to meet a friend or pick up the kids, don’t scroll through Facebook or browse the news.

Write a few lines of the book you’ve always planned or practice a new language. Or just breathe.

Be disciplined at finding the small spaces in your schedule and putting them to work.

By looking after your minutes, your life will look after itself.