The Story of Things

At first, there weren’t many things.

Because not many things were important.

If you only had a few things you were ok.

Things that helped you bash an antelope on the head.

Or a sharp pointy thing on the end of a thin wooden thing to poke things with.

Life was simple, but then things started getting complicated.

It just so happens that as life got complicated, there were more things.

Soon people began choosing whether they wanted this thing or that thing.

Some people thought their things were better than other people’s things.

The people who had better things were happy.

Making the people with worse things jealous.

There’s nothing stopping you from having these nice things, they said…

If you work harder, like us, you can have nice things too.

The problem was, you could only get nice things one way…

And that was by owning a lot of small, green paper things.

Which most people just didn’t have, no matter how hard they tried to get them.

Every time they went anywhere they were reminded of the nice things they’d like to have.

So they collected everything they could with the green paper things they had.

And they’d feel happy for a little while until a new thing came along…

But eventually, they realised it wasn’t the things that made you happy.

Because, deep down, they knew that life would be better without the things.

But by then, the things had taken over.

That is the story of the things.