nowRight now I’m living in Devon in the UK.

I split my time between working for the man, providing marketing services to inspiring organisations and this humble little pile of digital rocks you’re sitting on.

As I’m a fan of the old 30-day challenge, I’m in the midst of a performing daily meditation, guided by the new Sam Harris app (which is excellent btw) and Wim Hof style cold showers/deep breathing.

I’m continually reading and attempting to write every (ish) day to expand my freaky little mind.

I do think I need more off-screen time though, so I’m investigating analogue activities like horticulture and woodcarving to unstick myself from my chair and my mind from the matrix. We’ll see if these come to fruition.

Oh, and I’m going to the gym and playing as much tennis as I can because they’re frickin’ awesome.

So, that’s about that.

P.S. This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.