Meditation Benefits Timeline

meditation benefits timeline with monks sitting in rows

How long before meditation works?

It’s a common question.

Many people, upon beginning contemplative practice, question the meditation benefits timeline.

My synopsis here will be based on my own experience and your mileage may vary massively.

Having said that, let’s take a look…

Sensory Storms

sensory storm

The squall, like most weather, builds fast, thunderous and dark on the horizon.

We know what to expect, the winds of existence whipping around us, damp and rotten in our nostrils.

It hits quick, a ferocious attack.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

chop wood, carry water

Ever heard this quote and wondered what the hell it meant?

Sometimes fragments of Zen philosophy spill into popular culture, and taken alone, they can be hard to decipher.

But this one’s a little Jedi snippet of wisdom that can benefit us all, when we know how to use it.



Do you have trouble managing your emotions?

Are you angry one minute and crying into your coffee cup the next?

Let’s face it, mastering this little life experience can be pretty darned difficult.

After all, we’re rarely taught the psychological skills needed to navigate the choppy waters of existence while we’re tiny humans.

Which is why the practice of meditation is so vital.

Focused Attention: The Secret to Success

focused attention on the milky way

Focused attention is perhaps our most valuable resource.

Let’s face it, when we’re just one distraction away from losing our train of thought, it’s easy to become derailed.

When our phones offer the quick dopamine hit of diverting our efforts, it’s unsurprising that many projects never begin, tasks remain uncompleted and startups go unstarted.

You Are Not Your Thoughts


Do you get caught up in your thoughts?

Perhaps you get so carried away in mental imagery that you lose all sense of time and place…

It’s a common phenomenon. We live so much of our life behind our eyeballs and within our senses, that we might as well be in solitary confinement. 

12 Reasons Why Meditation Is Awesome (and You Should Start Now)

reasons to meditate

What does the word “meditation” mean to you?

Perhaps you imagine loincloth-clad hippies, contorting themselves into lotus positions under waterfalls.

Well, after much scientific tinkering and prodding, meditation is now reaching the masses.

Let’s see why.