The Best Meditation Positions for Bad Knees

woman sitting in a lotus posture, which isn't one of the best meditation positions for bad knees

When I worked as a physiotherapist I treated many patients with chronic pain.

Bad backs and knees were particularly common complaints, often limiting certain movements and positions.

This article investigates how meditation is affected.

Feeling Energy During Meditation

woman sitting on a mat feeling energy during meditation

It’s a hectic morning.

Client work multiplies exponentially as I rush to complete daily tasks and hit deadlines.

By mid-afternoon, stressed and overwhelmed, I retreat to a dark room to in search of mindful respite…

The Best Meditation for Stress (in My Experience)

man walking in nature which is the best meditation for stress

“Give me your passport,” demanded the leader of the rabble.

I glanced warily at the group of Bolivian Campesinos holding cheap rifles, blocking our path.

Then I looked at my recent Bolivian acquaintance, who nodded imperceptibly.

Three Essential Everyday Mindfulness Activities

everyday mindfulness activities as illustrated by a man in the photo walking with a backpack

I was running desperately late, working as a private physiotherapist in an exclusive clinic.

A patient had come to see me with agonising low back pain and by the time they were well enough to walk out, I was hopelessly behind schedule.

Not only were my next patients incredibly angry, but I was majorly stressed.

An Easy Meditation for Sleep: Stop Stressing, Start Resting

an easy meditation for sleep, illustrated using a kitten photo

I lay there awake, mind racing, desperately tired but unable to sleep.

The worst part?

I had to get up in just a few hours to commute across London for a job I hated.

My mind raced, flooded with anxiety about needing rest, but not being able to get it…

Where to Focus While Meditating

where to focus while meditating sunset picture

You might wonder, as I did when starting, where to focus while meditating.

Most of the initial guidance I read didn’t appear clear in its instruction.

After all, it’s an esoteric practice.

Often I felt I was simply sitting for 30 minutes doing nothing, with no clue if I was doing it right…

Breath and Mind Connection

person on a bridge near a lake focusing on breath and mind connection

Thoughts crowded into my head, demanding attention.

I was living in Berlin; anxious, jobless and unsure what to do next.

I wanted to change career, but didn’t know how to do it.

On one hand, the future seemed full of potential and possibility, while on the other, it appeared a scary, hostile place.

Fortunately, in that time of transition, I had one thing I could rely on…

Meditation Benefits Timeline

meditation benefits timeline with monks sitting in rows

How long before meditation works?

It’s a common question.

Many people, upon beginning contemplative practice, question the meditation benefits timeline.

My synopsis here will be based on my own experience and your mileage may vary massively.

Having said that, let’s take a look…