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Time: Three essential perspectives for a fruitful life

How do you regard time?

Most of us inhabit a mental space which prioritises our past, indulges in the present or anticipates the future.

Let’s take a look at how to harness these three perceptions of time to become well-adjusted, effective little humans.


How to Become a Polymath

Have you bought into the cultural cliche that a jack of all trades masters none?

Well, there’s a new renaissance underway, evangelising the benefits of polymathy versus the pursuit of hyper-specialisation.

So let’s dive in.

how to start

How to Start Anything

Want to know how to start doing something important to you?

Whether that’s a business, side project, activity or hobby, there’s an art to starting.

Click here to learn more.


Media Medley – The Joker, Thom Yorke and Pumping Iron

Hey, shiny happy people.

In this little update, I’d thought I’d share some of my recent media consumption, with thoughts, opinion and reviews to boot.

As always, if you have any recommendations for interesting bits and bobs to watch/read/listen etc, feel free to get in touch.



Technology Addiction

How many times do you check your phone each day?

Do you get a little buzz of feel-goods whenever you receive a colourful little message?

Do you crave that next hit?

Will Robots Take My Job?

Will robots take your job?

Luckily there’s now an easy way to find out 🙂

Check out this article to learn more.

The Broth – Sci-Fi, Octopi and Easter Eggs

Howdy doody there folks – thought it was about time to post a mini update, as it’s been a while since our last contact.

I’ve been pretty busy with that dirty little word we call work, which alongside penning some slightly longer bloomsoup articles, means I haven’t shipped much material.

So today is a short bout of interestingness. Firstly, we venture into the world of sci-fi.