Turning 36

Last week I turned 36 and as I wrote a birthday post last year, here’s another collection of annual ponderings.

As one more year slips stealthily by, I’m reminded about the shortness of life. In particular, I’ve become increasingly interested in how to maximise my time on this worldly plane. 

Not that my life until now hasn’t involved plenty of fun and interesting happenings, but rather that with the escaping years, the intention behind my actions assumes greater significance.

One factor I’ve become aware of is the divide between those intentions and action, which is often filled by recursive thought. 

It’s ironic that as we deplete our mortal quota, we think about things more, reducing the time leftover for action; all in a desire to make the right decisions for optimal outcomes, but still. 

Reducing overthinking and making positive progress has, therefore, been key, and to some extent achieved over the past year. 

For starters, I’ve published more on this blog. Not quite as much as I’d like, but by finding time between the spaces, I’ve managed to practice my penmanship. 

I plan for more of the same this year, charting my psychological wanderings and various experiments, which is where learning comes in. 

I’m keen to try my hand at new endeavours and document my progress. One example is coding, which I’ve dabbled in recently. Time permitting, I hope to extend this skill acquisition to other offline activities. 

And synonymous with learning is reading. I’ve managed to fit in quite a lot this year, and although I haven’t covered them all in my book summary section, a particular standout was Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, in addition to some exciting sci-fi novels. On that note, check out my birthday books below, which I can’t wait to start!

birthday books

Along with esoteric learnings, I’ve indulged in other mini-experiments, such as creating websites to build professional skills.

They’re all in their infancy and suffer from a general lack of TLC, but even without much ongoing attention or commercial success, I’ve learnt a lot to apply to my paid endeavours. Watch this space. 

As far as the professional domain, things have gone well. I’ve continued to assist inspiring organisations with their business development and marketing, so if you need any consultancy, hit me up here.

One notable case has been a cause aiming to reduce loneliness in later life, a project of enormous social impact which I’m proud to represent. 

Healthwise, I seem to be doing ok, touch wood. I’ve attempted to implement a daily exercise routine, which alternates between running (an activity I’ve grown to somewhat enjoy), weights and tennis.

Although the effects were imperceptible at first, in conjunction with eating better and reducing alcohol consumption, I’m starting to feel rather spritely in my old age! 

And that’s about that. I’m still living in the beautiful southwest of England, surrounded by amazing nature; the changing colours and colder days ushering in another seasonal renewal. 

Despite the rain, it really is a favourite time of year, replete with big coats and warm coffee; coincidentally, both essential elements of my birthday weekend.

Whisked off on a stormy night, I was transported to the dark depths of Cornwall and delightful off-grid shepherd’s hut with a wood-fired hot tub!

shepherds hut

After a couple of sojourns to the captivating Cornish coast, it was back to the retreat to enjoy a cosy cabin, red wine and birthday books; the ultimate trifecta!

All of that before a long soak in the hot tub time machine, while howling winds swept overhead through the valley. 

Disconnecting like this is increasingly rare in our hyper-connected world, powering down into analogue mode becoming a luxury of sorts. 

But in lives brimming with supernormal stimuli, restoring psychological equilibrium has never been more important, so this was a much-welcomed break.

Here’s to another year – hurrah!