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executive coaching

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In this article, we’ll cover what to expect and how to get started.

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What is executive coaching?

Unlike general life coaching, executive coaching focuses predominantly on your professional life and career ambitions.

That said, it also works holistically, identifying areas of personal development that improve professional performance.

What will it cover?

This intervention depends on your unique circumstances and individual aims and ambitions. Here are some common areas:

  • Stress at work
  • Effective leadership
  • Creating a strong team
  • Planning an organisational roadmap
  • Awareness of mental models
  • Enhancing decision making
  • Emotional intelligence at work
  • Conflict resolution
  • Increasing self-discipline
  • Learning efficiency
  • Finding your purpose
  • Setting up your own business
  • Embarking on a new career
  • Getting a promotion or raise

The benefits of the service

As with any form of coaching, the main benefit is being able to vocalise your concerns with someone outside your organisation and who can remain objective and provide impartial advice.

Secondly, arranging these meetings helps to keep you accountable. If you’re working on tough goals, there are inevitably days you won’t want to show up.

With the support of a coach, however, you can persist through these difficult times of demotivation.

Coaches also facilitate faster improvement. While you might be able to work on your goals solo, having extra experience and guidance can certainly accelerate your progress. 

What about my team?

Effective leadership isn’t a solitary affair. Rather, it requires the support of a stellar team.

If your goals also include your team, wider training and coaching can be arranged in a group setting.

This could range from company talks to one on one assessment and consultation with your employees. 

Do I really need help?

Many of the top business leaders in the world have mentors and coaches to act as sounding boards.

Running big companies in stressful and having someone to turn to and share your worries and responsibilities is essential for sound mental health.

Ambitious individuals are prone to pushing hard in all areas of life and an executive coach can either streamline your processes for extra efficiency or simply relieve some of the emotional burden. 

What do the sessions involve?

The initial consultation will focus on learning about you as a person and your individual challenges and goals as they relate your personal and professional life.

Much back and forth questioning is involved to help the coach better understand your needs and expectations.

From there, the coach can help collaborate on goals and reverse engineer a roadmap to achieve them.

Each subsequent session monitors on your progress. Challenges will be discussed and the coach will keep you accountable and disciplined. 

Depending on the improvement and action-taking, the plan might have to be iterated.

How long do the sessions last?

They can be anything from a quick phone call to a more formal 30-minute to one-hour session.

Earlier sessions are usually longer to ensure a plan is in place, while follow-ups can be shorter depending on your progress. 

How long is there between each session?

Many client sessions are weekly, at least initially, but may be extended as you meet your KPI’s.

Leaving too long between consultations can have a negative effect as you revert to old habits, routines and behaviour patterns.

How long does the process last?

Achieving anything worthwhile takes time, especially hard goals.

Therefore, some clients stay with their coaches for years as they advance their professional careers.

It’s normal to spend at least 2-3 months working on this process, which is realistically the minimum time required to start making progress. 

Executive coaching in London or Exeter

If you’re based in one of these cities then the service may be arranged face to face.

If you’re based elsewhere in the UK and require and workplace visit or training, this may be arranged in special circumstances.

Elsewhere in the UK or international clients

Frequently, the best option is to arrange online coaching sessions, through Skype for example.

This allows greater flexibility and efficiency for those based in different parts of the world who have busy schedules.

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