Finding your life purpose: A conversation with Agnes Paraskeva

We all have a life purpose. It’s our unique contribution to the world, our specific mission in life.

And although it may change throughout our lifetime, to lead a fulfilling and joyful existence, it’s essential that we get in touch with this meaning and align our actions with it.

But what exactly is a life purpose?

It’s the reason we exist. It’s the specific way we are meant to express our gifts and talents in service to others. It’s the unique role we play in creating our reality.

Life purpose can be divided into different categories, covering various aspects such as service, creativity, love, and growth.

Here are some specific examples:

  • We might feel called to serve others through our work as a doctor or teacher, or through more volunteer work or activism.
  • We might feel creatively fulfilled through painting, writing, or music.
  • We might feel called to love others unconditionally as a parent or partner.
  • Or we might feel expanded through our spiritual practice or connection with nature.

Whatever it is, when we’re living in alignment we feel a deep sense of contentment, doing what we’re here to do.

So if you want to experience a more meaningful life, but struggle to find your path, join me in a conversation with Agnes Paraskeva, who regularly encounters this topic in her role as an occupational counsellor and psychotherapist.

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Agnes Paraskeva

After a long career in the corporate world, I felt the time was right, to make the change I had been wanting to make for many years.

My life and work experiences, as well as my overriding interest in people’s welfare and mental health, led me to study and train for four years for my DipHE in Therapeutic Counselling.

During this period and beyond, I have trained with further continued professional development, to add to and compliment my existing skillset and knowledge, offering my clients the best that I can for their individual needs.