How to Be a Life Coach (in 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps)

So you want to quit the corporate rat race to dispense life advice?

You’ve desperately clawed your way up Maslow’s hierarchy, ready for some first world transcendence into altruism and true actualisation.

To help and serve, empowering individuals to follow their bliss.

Well here’s your guide brave spiritual warrior.

But before we dive in, why would you even want to be a life coach?

The Benefits of Being a Life Coach

The benefits of life coaching are numerous. Not only do you get to share your most intimate self in the public domain, but in doing so you can help others, and therefore improve your best self.

The act of simply extending your spiritual tentacles will provide an abundance of powerful karmic energy that can give your meridians the deep nourishing cleanse they so desperately need.

Spreading your advice to those attracted by your aura will also send good vibes rippling across this crazy ol’ globe we call home.

So, if such benefits tickle your fancy and you’re still wondering how to be a life coach, read on amigo.

How to Be a Life Coach

1. Create a Credible Story 

No-one will listen to your shiny advice unless you can reveal your life scars. Think of your most vulnerable moments, like when no-one would dance with you at the school disco or receiving a mediocre 13th birthday present. Now weave a seductive narrative from it, outlining your emotional journey of overcoming such obstacles to finally thrive. Unpacking previous trauma not only helps you deal with your own insecurities but also qualifies you to address other people’s psychological woes.

2. Publicise Yourself

Hoarding your enlightenment is just greedy. Therefore upload said emotional story to your social media platform of choice to share your message with the world, ideally with paid advertising and remarketing to scoop up any lost souls who unintentionally missed your important message. Then you can crank up the abundance and market your subscription to a digitally delivered, 3-step course, to Spiritual Bliss and Universal Consciousness.

3. Let Everyone Know You’re a Life Coach, Simply by Being a Life Coach

There’s no better way to tell loved ones you’re now a life coach, than by simply life coaching them. When they talk, maintain long periods of silence and compassionate, but aggressive, eye contact. Subliminally, this indicates you understand and value them. The effect? They’ll be overpoweringly energised by your aura, allowing you to connect on a deeper, more visceral level.

4. Withhold Your Opinions

Part of becoming a life coach involves non-judgemental listening. Even if you think a friend’s making a mistake by quitting their secure job to weave indigenous spirit feathers, don’t offer your opinion. Reflect their feelings back to them, allowing their inner knowing to guide their worldly path. Not only will they be much happier with their new calling, but they will also recommend your services to their confused friends, who may also be in need of some spiritual re-orientation.

5. Surround Yourself With Irritating People

Part of being a fully fledged life coach involves shedding your ego. One way of accepting that pesky little voice in your noggin is to surround yourself with prickly characters. When you invariably sense a knee jerk reaction coming on, even in the face of possibly reprehensible behaviour, sit calmly back and congratulate yourself for your emotional mastery. As Shakespeare famously said,

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” 

The clever old apple.

6. Forgive Yourself for Berating Yourself

No-one’s perfect and life coaches invariably fall off the metaphysical wagon too. Self-flagellation for such human weakness is a natural reaction and life coaches too must work hard on the frontline of self-forgiveness. When your own life falters, however, you may be able to use the experience for a powerful dose of reflection and material for future proselytising. When you’re beset by such feelings, try to document as much of the fallout as your emotional state permits, both to assist the healing process and for potential use in future marketing materials.

yoga life coaching

7. Practice Your Buzzwords

As the old journalist aphorism goes, “Show, don’t tell.” Clients will only take you seriously when you talk like a true life coach. Using ambiguous terminology is essential to allow them to discover their own meaning in your message and allow you to extricate yourself from potentially specific, tricky questions. After all, words are just labels; human constructions in an elaborate imagined reality. Bliss, path, spirit, soul and Universe constitute cornerstone vocabulary to incorporate into the majority of your sentences.

8. Replenish Your Chakras

Helping others can sometimes feel like a great burden to bear. Though your soul flows with meaning, sometimes the energy coursing through your chakras can become depleted. It’s vital, therefore, for life coaches to implement a nourishing self-care ritual due to the damaging long-term effects of empathy fatigue. Luckily, this is where a daily crystal energising practices can be so helpful. Unfortunately most cities, outside of San Francisco, currently don’t have public crystal chargers for busy professionals on-the-go. This means it’s vital to leave home well prepared with a fully charged crystal for whenever you require it for personal use or you’re needed for some life-saving crystal healing.

9. Liberate Your Spirit Animal

Are you a Chinese dragon, grizzly bear or something a little less impressive, like a Mongoose? It matters not what your animal is fellow soul, but how well you let it guide you. To discover the one animal in the Universe that’s been designated to feed your every desire, a trusting attitude is imperative. By dreamscaping, you can commune with your animal to uncover any obstacles on your personal spiritual journey. Ideally, when you’ve mastered this process yourself, you can replicate it with your clients, who may at first be resistant to the idea, or simply not know what on Earth you’re talking about. With loving care though, they too can talk to their imaginary animal for life guidance.

10. Fetishise Eastern Philosophy 

Many life coaches operate on the spiritual, rather than religious plane, allowing them to work synergistically with those with various beliefs systems. Eastern philosophy is the obvious vehicle for many life coaches because it replaces religious dogma with its own rigid set of moral codes. As well as being such an old (and thus venerated) tradition, its simple life advice is frequently intuitive and applies well to a host of contemporary lifestyle dilemmas, such as how to initiate a green juice cleanse and remain spiritually fine-tuned.

Still Not Convinced?

Then congratulations…!

If you’re still not sure how to be a life coach after that list, it probably means you’re perfect mentor material.

Perhaps you can start your healing journey by testing your inner credentials on unsuspecting acquaintances.

You’ll have probably helped them before they even know it.

So go forth and spread the hugs.

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