Coronavirus and Remote Working

As much of the world faces physical and emotional lockdown in response to the virus, companies big and small are temporarily boarding up their offices and implementing remote working policies.

For many big tech companies, rather than the seamless transition we might expect, employees are encountering the difficulties of remote working for the first time.

Lack of social support, setting your own schedule or simply separating work and home life are all challenges which quickly surface.

Having worked from home wearing various occupational hats for some time, I published this article a few months ago for would-be work nomads.

Considering the current state of affairs, it’s possibly more pertinent now than ever.

As a freelancer myself, the article is biased more towards employees versus employers.

For those managing remote workers, check out Basecamp CEO Jason Fried’s remote working Bible, drawing upon the groundbreaking company’s own experiences as a geographically dislocated entity.

The question is, could the virus make remote working even more mainstream as companies are forced to quarantine for longer than expected?