Remote Working

remote working

Interested in remote working?

Perhaps you’re an employee seeking greater freedom or a startup CEO hoping to incentivise employees.

Well is working remotely all it’s cracked up to be, and if so, what are the caveats?

Let’s take a look.

A Mongolian Travel Adventure: Trekking in the Wilderness

mongolia travel

It all started with a camping stove and origami plates.

We were at a fancy party in Beijing and Sam, a recent acquaintance, had just outlined the various merits of his camping equipment…

A stove that could run on any fuel, space-saving cutlery that defied all logic. It all seemed like a dream.

I wanted these tools of masculinity and with them, the ability to survive any unexpected apocalypse.

One thing was sure; the hunter-gatherer in me was strong and the wild was calling.

Mountain Man: Climbing Huayna Potosi in Bolivia

huayna potosi

“I’d like to climb a mountain please”, I say confidently.

“Yes Sir, and which one would that be?” says the lady behind the desk.

“The big one over there”, I say, pointing to a looming monstrosity in the distance, half obscured by cloud.

“Fine”, she says, tapping away at her computer, “Have you ever climbed a mountain before?”

Hmmm, not that I can remember.

Living and Working Abroad Like a Boss

living and working abroad

So, you’re thinking of ditching your sweaty little office job for a sweatier office job in warmer climes…

Or maybe you want to ditch the suit and tie altogether and work on the beach in your sexy Speedos?

The fact is, working abroad can be an enticing option, especially when laptop monkeys can theoretically work anywhere with electricity and Interwebs.

But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Well, let’s find out.

9 Incredible Benefits of Travelling (for Guaranteed Itchy Feet)

the benefits of travelling in bagan

So, you’re fed up of your current commute and want to ditch the dreariness for the good life?

You’ve seen the Instagram feeds of your favourite travel bloggers and their perfectly filtered faces are driving you crazy with envy.

You’re like a rabid dog at work, desperate to escape the confines of your cubicle…

Just waiting for when you can hand in your notice and hop on a plane.

But is travelling all the fairy lights and beach fires it’s portrayed to be?

In this article, we’ll consider the psychological benefits of travelling to prepare you for what’s to come.