Using Time Wisely


It’s the moments between moments that count.

The small spaces. 

Using these slices wisely separates the producer from the procrastinator. 

Expecting Too Much

people throwing confetti

When we expect life to be different to reality, and constantly focus on that lack, we’re unhappy. 

Going against the flow creates resistance. 

When we embrace the present, whatever it holds, we’re more peaceful. 

BUT, there’s an important caveat. 

The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

perfect water

Perfectionism, the nemesis of progress.

It stops you in your tracks.

Why even bother starting, if your reality won’t live up to an idealised, albeit fictional, version?

Let’s face it…

All too often your best-laid plans are left to rust, a graveyard of good ideas and lofty ideals.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy of Inaction

straight road

We often don’t start things we know we should. It’s perverse.

We think we’re ‘too late’, behind the curve.

Looking at the success stories around us, we compare our own meagre beginnings with distaste, doubting whether to start at all.

3 Quick, Simple Self-Motivation Techniques for Maximum Effectiveness

self-motivation techniques (man lifting)

Do you struggle to start tasks that are in your best interests?

Or when you’re in the thick of an important job, do you wriggle around like an ADHD child, looking for any excuse to do something else?

If so, motivation might be the culprit.

So let’s look at how to tackle it.

How to Make the Right Decision (Like a Boss)

how to make the right decision (various faces)

Decisions. Like Marmite, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em.

After all, they can be quite the conundrum, the slippery old eels.

The fact is, decisions constitute a huge part of our lives, so learning some of their dark secrets makes sense.

Let’s dive in.

14 Counterintuitive Ways to Improve Your Life

You’re probably wondering how to master every area of your life; obtain a mighty beach physique, buy some cryptocurrency lambos and live like a digital nomad.

Luckily, simply visiting bloomsoup helps. We employ subtle psychological manipulation to make you an awesome human.

What’s more, after much scientific tinkering and self-experiment, I think I’m in a position to dispense my findings on living the good life.

14 Effective Communication Skills to Ace Any Social Situation

two people communicating

Do you become a dithering mess when faced with a social situation?

Does meeting new people make you want to slide silently behind the nearest pot plant?

For the socially challenged among us, good communication can seem like a magical power, unobtainable to mere mortals.

However, as life generally expands in direct proportion to the connections you make, it’s wise to learn more about this dark art.

Understanding Fear


We’re fear machines, designed to perceive the world in our mind’s eye just as much as the hard lines of reality.

On an evolutionary level, this made perfect sense.

Predicting an attack from claw, fang and club was high on the decision making agenda and cultivated a fine-tuned cognitive ability to expect the unexpected.

But to what extent have we outgrown our abilities?

The Essential Guide to Taking Action (for Massive Results)


You can continue thinking about what’s best for your life, but it won’t help.

Abstract planning won’t solve your problems.

The brain’s a problem-solving machine, constantly computing life’s riddles.

However, it’s only when you take effective action that any meaningful progress is made.