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So, here you have it. My humble ode to the world of words and ink slingers.

These books are generally of the fiction variety and will hopefully come to cover a broad range of genres, from classics to fantasy and my most beloved of all, sci-fi!

If you’re after non-fiction and some bite-sized wisdom nuggets, check out my book summaries and best book roundups. Otherwise, click here for more literature lovin’.

But if you need transporting to imaginary lands in these troubled times, this is a good place to start.

Any suggestions I should most definitely add to my bedside table? Hit me up here.

After the Flood Kassandra Montag

After the Flood (Kassandra Montag)

Fancy some fine near-future dystopian fare? You’re in the right place. If you like your apocalypse wet and watery, this might be right up your street. A solid debut novel exploring themes of love and loss.

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