How to Change Your Story (and Transform Your Life)

darth vader - change your story

What stories do you tell yourself?

Are they empowering, uplifting tales that motivate you…

Or do you routinely cast yourself as a baddy or in a minor role?

The truth is that stories are immensely powerful.

So, the question is…how can we use them to improve our lives?

17 Incredible Blogs About Life, the Universe and Everything

blogs about life

Are you always on the lookout for good blogs about life?

Me too.

The problem is that websites pop up constantly and are devoured by the Internet demons every day.

It can be hard to find a blog that you resonate with, let alone a blogger who’s in it for the long haul.

But fear not friend – here’s some interestingness for your eyeballs.

The Wim Hof Breathing and Cold Therapy Method Distilled

wim hof breathing and cold therapy method

Want to strengthen your immune system with some simple, but effective, Wim Hof breathing and spine-chilling therapy?

The Iceman, as he’s famously known, is famous for setting numerous Guinness World Records by utilising breathing and cold therapy exercises.

Not only has he climbed Everest in nothing but his shorts, but also swum the length of a football field, beneath a sheet of ice, on one breath.

Check out how he does it in this article…

8 Powerful Goal Setting Worksheets to Help You Conquer Life

goal setting worksheet for a runner

So, you have some audacious dreams and you think a goal setting worksheet may help…

Perhaps you’ve played around with the idea of setting objectives before but have always written it off as too much work.

Instead, you float, pushed and pulled by circumstance, adrift in the sea.

Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes we should go with the flow and see where life takes us. There’s a time for spontaneity and surrender.

But eventually, there comes a time when structured goal setting can really help.

30-Day Challenges: The Ultimate Guide (Plus 27 Bonus Ideas)

30 day challenges

Are you taking the easy path in life, relaxing in your comfort zone?

Or are you living a life of experiment and excitement?

Perhaps you have certain goals that are never accomplished…

You know that you need to take action but get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and are unsure where to start…

Well, say hello to 30-day challenges.

Focused Attention: The Secret to Success

focused attention on the milky way

Focused attention is perhaps our most valuable resource.

Let’s face it, when we’re just one distraction away from losing our train of thought, it’s easy to become derailed.

When our phones offer the quick dopamine hit of diverting our efforts, it’s unsurprising that many projects never begin, tasks remain uncompleted and startups go unstarted.

Want to Achieve Your Goals? Focus on the Feeling

achieve your goals checklist

Growing up, I’d always been extremely active, playing sport and embracing a movement-based lifestyle.

However, my activity levels deteriorated when I went to university, and along with it, the peace of mind that inevitably results from working out.

How to Deal With Loneliness: A Simple Guide

how to deal with loneliness

Do you have close friends and loved ones and yet still not know how to deal with loneliness?

That aching, gnawing feeling, that despite the close proximity of other humans, you don’t have the emotional connection you need…

We’re a social species after all. From an evolutionary perspective, we’ve come to rely on each other, not just for physical backup, but for psychological support too.

Cracking the Morning Routine Code: The Secret of a Successful Daily Ritual


Do you make the most of your mornings?

My guess is maybe not.

Many of us wake up and immediately pick up the digital candy by our bed for an early morning mobile phone fix.

We check social media, browse messages and reply to emails, reacting to the online cacophony, all before our brains have even woken up.

It’s no wonder that we feel like we’re playing catch up for the rest of our day.

Surely there must be a better way? Well yes, you clever little dolphin. Yes, there is.

35 Years and Counting


Well, it’s official. I’m 35 years old as of today. 

And in truth, it feels like somewhat of a milestone. A time to lift my eyes from the asphalt and see where the hell I am. 

As my brother wrote in his birthday message, “I hope you’re growing your beard to new and distinguished lengths, along with your age.”