Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – Simple Lessons for a Rich Life

platos allegory of the cave

Do you ever wonder how real our reality truly is?

Are we seeing the full picture, or are our brains busy inventing our worldview, Matrix-style?

Perhaps you experience flashes of hidden intuition before being consumed once more by your devilish little mind.

But like Neo emerging from his slimy lifepod, Plato’s allegory of the cave might provide just the thought experiment we need to finally wake up.

So let’s take a look.

Living and Working Abroad Like a Boss

living and working abroad

So, you’re thinking of ditching your sweaty little office job for a sweatier office job in warmer climes…

Or maybe you want to ditch the suit and tie altogether and work on the beach in your sexy Speedos?

The fact is, working abroad can be an enticing option, especially when laptop monkeys can theoretically work anywhere with electricity and Interwebs.

But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Well, let’s find out.

Futurism: The Essential Guide


So you’re worried about the march of the robots?

An impending Terminator-style judgement day set to steal our future.

If sci-fi movies are anything to go by, it’s simply a matter of time. Mass unemployment, income inequality, riots and trailer parks.

The joy.

Perhaps it’s a bit different from the utopia you imagined future technology might provide.

But is it really necessary to worry, or are we heaping too much hyperbole on the thought pile?

9 Incredible Benefits of Travelling (for Guaranteed Itchy Feet)

the benefits of travelling in bagan

So, you’re fed up of your current commute and want to ditch the dreariness for the good life?

You’ve seen the Instagram feeds of your favourite travel bloggers and their perfectly filtered faces are driving you crazy with envy.

You’re like a rabid dog at work, desperate to escape the confines of your cubicle…

Just waiting for when you can hand in your notice and hop on a plane.

But is travelling all the fairy lights and beach fires it’s portrayed to be?

In this article, we’ll consider the psychological benefits of travelling to prepare you for what’s to come.

Minimalism: The Beginners Guide


So, you’re sick of the clutter in your life and want to purge.

Maybe you’ve seen these MacBook-wielding nomads on the socials and fancy some similar life-styling…

To become unencumbered by modern entrapments like mortgages, wardrobes and underpants…

Free to travel the world out of a 1.62-litre backpack with a pair of moisture wicking socks that double as emergency toilet paper.

Well, let’s take a look at this strange new minimalism cult and some tips to get you going.

How to Wake up Refreshed

how to wake up refreshed

Let me guess…

You drag yourself out of your warm cocoon every morning, bleary-eyed and miserable, ready for another slog at work.

You know you’ll feel tired all day, and then have no energy to actually do anything fun when the evening finally rolls around.

All because you can’t get a decent night’s rest.

So in this article, we’ll cover exactly how you can wake up refreshed in a few simple steps.

How to Be a Life Coach (in 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps)

how to be a life coach

So you want to quit the corporate rat race to dispense life advice?

You’ve desperately clawed your way up Maslow’s hierarchy, ready for some first world transcendence into altruism and true actualisation.

To help and serve, empowering individuals to follow their bliss.

Well here’s your guide brave spiritual warrior.

11 Pseudoscientific Reasons for Someone Avoiding Eye Contact

Avoiding Eye Contact

Do you get uncomfortable when someone doesn’t meet your gaze?

There are many reasons for someone avoiding eye contact. 

But even though it’s a natural phenomenon, it can still make you feel like a bit of a lemon. 

Especially when you’re trying your hardest to be a good little conversationalist. 

Why Is Trust Important? A Splendid Question…

why is trust important - lego

Do you trust yourself?

Are you confident that this crazy old existence experiment is going well?

If not, it may be a bumpy ride amigo.

I mean, trust is easy when life’s all ice cream and kittens.

But what about when we’re floundering around like a drunkard in the dark, unsure which direction to take?

Delivering Digital Value

delivering digital value

As I analyse what types of blogs/content I enjoy reading (and publishing), it’s made me think more about the current media landscape.

As creators, we obviously want to attract our few eyeballs to our articles, and perhaps evens create some raving, foaming at the mouth fans who love our work.

To do this, we website owners must seek to deliver value.

So, what exactly is the juice that most website visitors are extracting?