12 Reasons Why Meditation Is Awesome (and You Should Start Now)

reasons to meditate

What does the word “meditation” mean to you?

Perhaps you imagine loincloth-clad hippies, contorting themselves into lotus positions under waterfalls.

Well, after much scientific tinkering and prodding, meditation is now reaching the masses.

Let’s see why.

The Story of Things

the story of things

At first, there weren’t many things.

Because not many things were important.

If you only had a few things you were ok.

Using Time Wisely


It’s the moments between moments that count.

The small spaces. 

Using these slices wisely separates the producer from the procrastinator. 

Expecting Too Much

people throwing confetti

When we expect life to be different to reality, and constantly focus on that lack, we’re unhappy. 

Going against the flow creates resistance. 

When we embrace the present, whatever it holds, we’re more peaceful. 

BUT, there’s an important caveat. 

The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

perfect water

Perfectionism, the nemesis of progress.

It stops you in your tracks.

Why even bother starting, if your reality won’t live up to an idealised, albeit fictional, version?

Let’s face it…

All too often your best-laid plans are left to rust, a graveyard of good ideas and lofty ideals.

The World Requires No Audience

paddling in a river

Nature, the great equaliser. In its presence, we’re reminded of our ultimate insignificance.

Our minor affairs within imagined realities are exposed next to flowing rivers, looming trees and driving rain.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy of Inaction

straight road

We often don’t start things we know we should. It’s perverse.

We think we’re ‘too late’, behind the curve.

Looking at the success stories around us, we compare our own meagre beginnings with distaste, doubting whether to start at all.

The Ayahuasca Ceremony: A Trippy Experience in the Ecuadorian Jungle

Ayahuasca Ceremony

The shaman handed me a bottle of clear liquid and bade me drink.

As I swigged the acid, gut burning liquor, stars danced before my eyes. Soon I felt drunk.

I prepared myself to be stripped, robbed and tied to a tree in the Ecuadorian jungle, but instead, the wizened Shaman smiled, crooked teeth and piercing eyes.

He pointed at a wooden bowl containing a brown concoction, the reason for my pilgrimage. It was time for my ayahuasca ceremony and the trip of a lifetime.

3 Quick, Simple Self-Motivation Techniques for Maximum Effectiveness

self-motivation techniques (man lifting)

Do you struggle to start tasks that are in your best interests?

Or when you’re in the thick of an important job, do you wriggle around like an ADHD child, looking for any excuse to do something else?

If so, motivation might be the culprit.

So let’s look at how to tackle it.